COMPIBOARD™ Sandwich laminates

  • Mobility means moving masses.
  • Reducing the mass to be moved means reducing energy consumption. And automatically leads to an increase in range or, alternatively, to a higher payload!
  • The CO₂ balance is further optimized when vehicles are made from recycled or renewable and bio-based materials.
  • COMPIBOARD™ is a technical semi-finished product, a multi-layer sandwich material made from a fiber composite.
  • Components are force-absorbing cover layers on the top and bottom of the sandwich and a core in between.
  • The cover layers and core materials are individually matched and adapted to the requirements of the application.
    The same applies to their surface coating.
Base materials from COMPIBOARD™
  • The core materials are based on newly produced or recycled thermoplastic materials or, alternatively, on renewable raw materials.
  • Classic EP/UP resins are used, but also those whose carbon is obtained in part from plant-based, renewable raw materials.
  • Alternatively, resins are available that are made from 100% plant-based raw materials.
  • The carrier materials are glass or carbon fibers and flax and hemp fibers obtained from renewable raw materials.
  • Core materials are solid materials, open- and closed-cell foams, porous natural cork and honeycomb structures based on PE, PP and PET.
  • Our aim is to use core materials made from recycled material.
  • Individual material structure, surface and finishing.
  • Cost-effectiveness even with small batch sizes.
  • Provision of validated material parameters for the structural design.
  • Customized samples and configurations on request.
  • LOW SURFACE WEIGHT – more payload – more range with electric drives – less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with conventional drives.
  • LOW THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY – Low heat transfer coefficient allows for thinner walls.
  • HIGH RIGIDITY – high variability in design and function integration.
  • HIGH IMPACT and SHOCK RESISTANCE – durable and robust in use.
  • HIGH ECONOMIC EFFICIENCY – production process for minimum manufacturing costs.
  • EXCELLENT SUSTAINABILITY – Use of bio-based raw materials, recycled materials and recyclable materials.
Available dimensions of COMPIBOARD™
  • Core material thickness individually on request, usually in stock in 5 - 40 mm.
  • Standard width 2500 mm.
  • Standard length 6000 mm, other lengths on request.
Fields of application for COMPIBOARD™

Commercial vehicles, trucks & trailers, transport containers & containers

Electromobility - urban mobility - the last mile, e-cargo bikes, autonomous driving, self-driving cabs, CEP vehicles / courier - express parcel service

Maritime economy

Rail vehicles, interior

Aircraft, interior



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