MD Composites Technology is part of the MD Group based in Friedeburg / Lower Saxony. Our core competence is the development and production of lightweight components made of fibre-reinforced plastics (GRP/CFRP) - we make heavy things light and give shape to complex things!



‘We don't predict the future - we shape it!’ Making heavy things light and giving complex things a shape.

Lightweight construction always starts with a new way of thinking and the willingness to break away from the familiar. Based on future-oriented materials, we ultimately compose future-oriented products and offer technical solutions that help to make a significant contribution to sustainable and resource-saving production and management. We reduce CO₂ emissions and fulfil climate targets!

Lightweight construction is a key technology, it helps to keep added value at the location and to modernise manufacturing sectors!

Core services

The core service is the development expertise of the MD Group. The aim is to be part of a solution rather than part of a problem. We understand and live composites!

The expertise in the processing of composite materials originally acquired in the context of aircraft construction has, over time, drawn the attention of other industries besides aviation to MDC.

MD Composites also develops, designs and produces components for applications in wind power, hydropower, agriculture and medical technology. Solutions for maritime applications or in the field of renewable energies, electromobility and electrical engineering round off the portfolio and thus ensure the desired diversification. Wherever stable, high-strength, lightweight and corrosion-free materials with customer-defined properties are required, MD Composites is the right partner.

Development operations

We are an innovative development and manufacturing service provider for pioneering composite technologies with a willingness to rethink materials and production technologies.

Precisely fitting and optimised for use through mechanical processing and high-quality surface coating, we always deliver products that conform to drawings within the required tolerances and on time.

Order development

You make us part of your problem solution by involving us right from the start of your task and challenge. We put our design expertise, our broad and deep knowledge of lightweight construction and our creativity at your disposal.
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Contract manufacturing

We are happy to take on contract manufacturing according to your specifications. Take advantage of our many years of experience with materials and trust us to select the right manufacturing processes. You can also benefit from our experience in conveyor and development projects.
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The performance of semi-finished products determines the quality of the finished parts. Our semi-finished products are standardised special laminates. Either quasi-isotropic as sheet material or as sandwich laminates with different core materials and cover layers. Always in focus: efficiency, lightweight construction and sustainability.

Fields of application

The motivation for using composite technologies is manifold. Fibre composite materials offer significantly more opportunities for new designs than other materials. In terms of product improvement or expansion, these include increased efficiency, functional integration, material reduction, lower weight, greater strength, increased life cycle and the reduction of operating costs and maintenance intervals.


We have been an innovative development and manufacturing service provider for composite technologies for 25 years. Our passion, but also the technology and expertise for the technology comes - like us - from the aviation industry. We are a partner to industry throughout the entire process chain. From the product idea, product planning and development to the manufacture of composite parts and semi-finished products, mechanical processing and expert training.
From small parts to large series. MD Composites Technology stands for resource-saving, economical and state-of-the-art production for your products of today and tomorrow.

MD Gruppe

The MD Gruppe is driven by innovation and lightweight construction, coupled with the unconditional will to modernise value creation processes with new technologies, products and materials!
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MD Flugzeugbau

We live and understand aircraft construction, this is where our DNA is anchored.
Our aircraft are characterised by design and performance.
We are always thinking new and different!
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MD Aircraft

Our mission is to bring CO₂-neutral flying to the market economically. We are shaping the mobility transition in aviation and investing in a new technology at the same time.
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Making heavy things light and giving complex things a shape.
Making lightweight construction economically produced available to the market!


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